Madagascar 2015

I had a fantastic first trip up to the Sofia region in July 2015. The reseach focus was:

Can capacity building efforts change community’s capacity to participate in conservation management?

We worked in two field sites: Lac Sofia (where there is a management plan being developed for the release of the Madagascan Pochard) and Lac Antafiandakana, a simillar sized lake with no conservation activities planned.

Working with a student from Mahajunga University, Danielysa Razafindramavo, and local teachers that we trained to deliver surveys  we wanted to understand the community’s capacity to undertake co-management. The survey included: Socio-demographic| environmental issues| community & external agencies| responsibility.

We collected 198 surveys- but that’s just the baseline! I’ll be going back in 2017 to see if the conservation project has made a difference campared to the control site.



Massive thankyou to everyone involved!

WWT & Durrell team in Madagascar: logistics, help with travel , ideas and comments

Especially to Felix Razafindrajao

Danielysa Razafindramavo & Prof. Hery-Lisy at Mahajuga University.

Rio & Rina for initial survey translations

Also to field assistants: Espirencia, Dono and Athaeel.

Communities around Lac Sofia and Antafiandakana